VII Square develops online games to enjoy from a browser on PCs or mobile devices. It gives users the possibility to share their hobby and fun games with other users around the world without the need for downloads or installations.
It extends the hours of fun by having to strategically defeat real users and avoid AI's repetitive tactics of single player games.
In all games the user's progress is respected and the commitment is maintained to not directly influence all the games through micropayments, unlike other platforms, the micropayments will serve to obtain real advantages to the game but not influential in the result or effort of the user.
The games are designed as a classic table game without the need to share the time of connection with the other players, spent in persistent worlds and can maintain the progress of the games.
The objective of all the developments is to achieve the user's amusement, for this reason, the infractors are closely monitored, traps, boots or subterfuges are not allowed in order to outdo other players in an irregular way. The rules are clear and legible. The offender will be expelled from the platform and with him, all accounts of all games, he must abide by the consequences of his actions.
The online community of VII Square has chats, forums and private messages to share achievements and resolve doubts.